Monday, August 30, 2010

1 Year Anniversary! July 25th

We are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary at the Mariner's/Red Sox game!

What a perfect way to celebrate, huh? Our beloved Red Sox are in town and we are huge fans, RIGHT!RIGHT???
Hubby says no! He's a Mariner's fan now because we have a 16 game pass!

I am in disbelief!

I think he tricked me!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Baby! Here's to many more!

A Trip to Idaho - July 31st

This was taken on the weekend that we went home for mom's bday! It went by way too fast!!!!

One of the Last Loads - August 11

The laundry mat has become one of my most favorite times to spend alone! I take some books with me, my ipod and my journal. This time I brought my camera to capture the moments of this beautiful evening...

I am sure going to miss going!



Speaking of Packing... August 21st

Travis took me to my first NFL game, preseason NFL game, but an NFL game non the less! Hubby is a HUGE packers fan and I and the best PACKER in the world after my time at IRS, so together, we are truly PACKERS FANS!

So is he, evidently! Check out their kid too! So cute! Where is her body paint!

#35 from Boise State, Korey Hall!!!! GO BRONCO'S

Hubby and I at the game!!

The view from our seats

The stadium


Qwest Field!

Our House - August 28th

Is a very, very, very fine house!!

Oh, I love that song!! It is so inspiring to me! I love the feeling behind it and have made it my theme song!

OK, so we bought a house, haven't moved yet, but Hubby went in to take some photos for me during the inspection a few weeks ago! I will share them now!

Here is the main entry and living room

Stairway off the main entry and hallway to family room

Dining room off living room, door to kitchen
Kitchen, window to back yard

Family room, with door to laundry and guest bath (not pictured)

Guest Bath off family room

Stairway, halfway up

My Craft Room

Travis' room/Guest bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom
Master Bedroom, door to master bath

Master bedroom, closet

Master closet

Master Bath
Sink area

and last but not least... MY THRONE!!!
Isn't it beautiful!

OK! SO that's our new place! Now, it is time to start planning!


Sunday, August 29, 2010


I was on the phone with my mom today and she made a comment to me about how cool it would have been if I would have actually followed through in doing this blog, now that we are finally purchasing our first home! She had such a good point and it was one of the first times I realized that I had made a HUGE mistake when I didn't follow through with this project!

The only thing that could save me is that I have been writing daily in a journal (a HUGE feat for me) and have a lot of photos to look at over the past year.

Now, having a week off, I plan to sit down for a bit each day and try to recapture the moments that Travis and I shared here in the RV. I know it isn't the same, but I have to have some sort of closure to this project in order to move on to the next endeavor!

With that being said, I guess the best place to start is where we are today. We found a house in Kent, Wa, which means we will be staying in the PacNW. This is exciting news because it means we will be moving out of the RV after a year of RV Living! We are all packed up and ready to go, but we still have no idea when we will be closing.
I was hoping to close on the house so that I would have this week to move and unpack, but it looks like that won't be happening. I truly believe that things happen for a reason and that reason is TIME TO FINISH UNFINISHED PROJECTS!!!
Now, not only are we counting down the days to our new house, we are also counting down the days to see if we are pregnant this month! We decided it would be best to start fertility treatments to help us conceive and last Friday was our first IUI. That means we are in a 2 WEEK WAIT to see if it worked!

Now that we have 2 major events going on right now, I AM GOING CRAZY waiting!!!

I decided to take this week to get back into cooking and trying a few recipes and finishing a few art projects that I left behind when I started working. I also will be taking a few days to spend some time with a few good friends, which will be wonderful since there might be a chance we'll be able to do a little shopping IF things go well! Hopefully, these things will keep my mind occupied!

Today, I am making some Tomato-Bread Soup, from my favorite source for recipes, Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine! I highly recommend purchasing a subscription to this if you are new to cooking! The recipes are super impressive to serve while staying super easy to make!
While I am cooking, I will be listening to my Red Sox ( another thing I have neglected these past 3 months!) try to advance towards the playoffs!

Now, that I have the "Happy Ending" to our RV Living, I will take some time this week to fill in the missing pieces to complete our RV journey! Any posts from here on out will have the date in the title!

Soup's done!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009